GSP Development – Draft Components

Groundwater Sustainability Plan - Draft Components


The Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) is the detailed roadmap for how the Cosumnes Subbasin will reach long-term sustainability. The Draft GSP is now available for public review and comment. The Final GSP is due to the State by January 2022. 

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The purpose of this webpage is to provide the draft technical components of the GSP and other helpful resources.  The GSP is a highly technical and complex document, and the seven Cosumnes Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) wanted to provide the draft material to enable interested parties to begin to orient themselves with the technical information prior to the release of the Draft GSP.  


Several of these resources (e.g., draft technical memos) are the initial draft documents. They do not yet incorporate comments provided by the GSAs and other stakeholders from earlier discussions.

View and download the Final GSP and other associated materials (including responses to comments received during the public comment period and resulting Draft GSP revisions.

Also you can refer to the last section of this webpage to learn how you can share your input.


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A GSP must assess groundwater quantity and determine if there is a balance between water coming in and water leaving the subbasin. If it is determined that groundwater supplies are being depleted over time, the Plan must contain a strategy to reverse this trend and ensure long-term sustainability of the water available to businesses, residences, farms, ranches and ecosystems.

The GSP must also assess groundwater quality, surface water depletion, land subsidence and other sustainability indicators and propose measures to correct any “undesirable results.” 


GSP Components

The detailed and technical information in the GSP will be largely based on Technical Memorandums (TMs) that the technical consultant, EKI Environment & Water, Inc., has been developing in coordination with GSAs, stakeholders, and other experts. Refer to the question below to learn more about these Technical Memos. 

Outline of the GSP

View/download a detailed annotated GSP outline – [Click here]

General GSP Outline:

Chapter 1.     Introduction
1.1.  Purpose of the GSP
1.2.  Sustainability Goal
1.3.  Agency Information / Governance Description
1.4.  GSP Organization
Chapter 2.     Plan Area and Basin Setting  – Describing the basin conditions
2.1.  Description of Plan Area
2.2.  Basin Setting
Chapter 3.     Sustainable Management Criteria – Defining basin sustainability
3.1.  Sustainability Goal
3.2.  Measurable Objectives
3.3.  Minimum Thresholds
3.4.  Undesirable Results
3.5.  Monitoring Network & Protocols
Chapter 4.     Projects & Management Actions – Identifying how to achieve sustainability goal
4.x.  Projects and MAs Development
Chapter 5.     Plan Implementation – Describing how to implement the GSP
5.1.  Estimate of GSP Implementation Costs
5.2.  Schedule of Implementation
5.3.  Annual Reporting
5.4.  Periodic Evaluation
Chapter 6.   References and Technical Studies 

The detailed and technical information in the GSP will be largely based on Technical Memorandums (TMs) that the technical consultant, EKI Environment & Water, Inc., has been developing in coordination with GSAs, stakeholders, and other experts. Whenever an initial draft TM was completed, the draft was provided to the GSAs and stakeholders for review and comment. Feedback has been collected and will be incorporated into the Draft GSP (expected release: August 2021). 

List of Technical Memos (TMs):

As previously mentioned, this webpage provides the initial draft Technical Memos and draft GSP chapters and does yet not incorporate GSA comments or more current/new information since their initial release.

The Draft GSP (now available) provides complete drafts of all these Technical Memos, and we are seeking public input on those drafts to ensure interested stakeholders and members of the public are able to comment on the most up-to-date versions.

We understand this can be confusing to post “outdated” drafts; however, we wanted to help people begin to orient themselves with the technical content (even if content is not fully up to date) prior to release of the Draft GSP.  We have also provided other resources to help capture additional or new information where possible. 

Staying involved is crucial to develop and implement the GSP! The section at the bottom lists multiple opportunities for you to provide your input during the GSP development process. 


NEW – Compiled Technical Presentations & Resources:  Click here to access a compiled list of GSP development technical updates presented by EKI (the GSP development technical consultant) to the Cosumnes Subbasin Working Group. 


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2021 GSP Development Timeline