SGMA in the Cosumnes Subbasin


Materials posted from June public workshops

Thank you, participants! Both the June 2nd webinar and the June 3rd in-person meeting were well attended. Meeting materials and resources are now available. 

The meeting focused on Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) implementation and financing. The meeting was an opportunity for South Sacramento County and Western Amador County residents to understand and comment on the Cosumnes Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan and the fees associated with implementing the plan.

The workshop was conducted virtually on June 2, 2021 and in person on June 3, 2021 in Herald.  The same material was covered during both meetings.


New to SGMA? Check out these helpful resources:

Click the image above to view the new GSP webpage

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Development – Draft Content Webpage

We are pleased to share a new webpage dedicated to consolidating and presenting the draft technical components of the draft Cosumnes Subbasin GSP and other helpful resources. 

The GSP webpage has four main sections:

  1. Additional background information related to the draft GSP content
  2. Draft GSP components and other resources
  3. GSP development timeline and opportunities for public input 
  4. Methods for providing input

Important Note: Many of these resources are the initial draft documents and do not yet incorporate comments provided by the GSAs and stakeholders from earlier discussions. Given that these materials are in the process of being updated, we are not currently accepting comments from the public on the draft documents.

Rather, the Draft GSP will be released mid-August 2021 for public review and comment. Visit the webpage’s last section to learn how you can stay involved and share your input. 

SGMA in the Cosumnes Subbasin

Under California law, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires the Cosumnes Subbasin to form a groundwater sustainability agency or agencies (GSAs) by June 30, 2017, and to have a groundwater sustainability plan (GSP) in place by 2022.

The following seven agencies filed with the state to form a GSA within the Cosumnes Subbasin:

  • Omochumne-Hartnell Water District (website)
  • Sloughhouse Resource Conservation District (website)
  • Galt Irrigation District (website)
  • Clay Water District (website)
  • City of Galt (website)
  • Amador County Groundwater Management Authority (website)
  • Sacramento County (website)

These GSAs are now engaged in a collaborative group, called the Cosumnes Subbasin SGMA Working Group, to discuss developing a roadmap for creating a groundwater sustainability plan.

Learn how you can contact your local GSA Representative

Note: Elk Grove is in the South American Subbasin — not the Cosumnes Subbasin — and Sacramento Central Groundwater Authority (SCGA) is your local groundwater sustainability agency. For more information about SGMA in the South American Subbasin, visit the SCGA website at

Stakeholder Outreach + Engagement

The Working Group developed a plan to work closely with affected stakeholders including agriculture, environmental interests, rural residential well owners, tribal interests, and others. The GSAs recognize the importance of engaging stakeholders and the broader public in discussions related to groundwater sustainability plan development and implementation and commit to leading a transparent and inclusive process to foster the consideration of the beneficial uses and users of groundwater in the basin. View the Outreach and Public Engagement Plan.

Cosumnes Subbasin Resources

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